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Voter Information - General Election November 3, 2020

posted Sep 19, 2020, 5:02 PM by web master   [ updated Oct 5, 2020, 6:10 PM ]
The Somerset County Clerk's office has provided a guide for voters in the November election.  Details are provided below; or click here to view the guide on the County's website.  Also check the Somerset County's main webpage for any voter-related updates posted by the County Clerk.



The General Election is scheduled for November 3 and will be conducted mainly by mail-in ballots. 

Per Governor Phil Murphy's Executive Order 177, all active voters will be mailed 2020 General Election ballots automatically, and with certain exceptions as outlined below all voting will be done by mail. The Somerset County Clerk's Office will continue to update this page to ensure voters have the information and resources to ensure their ballots are properly filled out and counted. 

Every Active Registered Voter Will Receive a Vote by Mail Ballot

Ballots will be mailed out to every active registered voter in Somerset County from the Clerk’s Office by October 5 and may begin arriving in late September.  If you have not received a ballot by October 10, please call the Clerk's Office at 908-231-7013 to determine if there is an issue.

To check if you are an active registered voter, visit https://voter.svrs.nj.gov/registration-check or call the Somerset County Board of Elections at (908) 231-7084. If you discover you are not considered an active voter, you can register online or with a paper form.

Active Voters Do Not Need to Request A Ballot

Because all active voters will be mailed a ballot, there is no need to request a ballot. Newly registered voters will also be automatically sent a ballot without needing to request one. The only time an active voter would need to request a ballot is for a replacement in the event their ballot was lost, damaged, or spoiled (filled in incorrectly). Voters cannot request a second ballot if they have already submitted one. Applications are available on the Clerk’s website at http://bit.ly/scvbm.

Ballots Will Have Postage Prepaid, So There Is No Need for A Stamp

Ballots for the 2020 General Election will have a prepaid label so that voters can submit their ballot without paying postage. The ballots will be considered first class mail, so there is no benefit to the voter if they use a stamp.

Your Properly Filled Out Ballot Will Be Counted by the Board of Elections

The Somerset County Board of Elections is responsible for counting all Vote by Mail and provisional ballots, regardless of how these ballots are submitted. The Board of Elections is made up of four members, two Republicans and two Democrats who work together to ensure the vote count is accurate, transparent, and fair. Once they have counted the paper ballots, they submit the results to the County Clerk, Steve Peter, who adds in the machine vote from voters in need of assistance and then certifies the election. 

Once you have cast your ballot, you will be able to track whether it was received and/or accepted on the NJ Division of Elections website at https://nj.gov/state/elections/.

Vote by Mail Ballots Can Be Submitted in Several Ways

  • Ballots can be submitted by mailing them to the address on the pre-printed envelope with a postmark before 8 p.m. on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. It is highly recommended that mail-in voters submit their ballot earlier.
  • Ballots can be submitted by inserting them in one of the Ballot Drop-Off Boxes throughout Somerset County. There will be at least 13 Ballot Drop-Off Boxes in Somerset County.  Current Ballot Drop-Off Boxes can be found at the following link:  https://www.co.somerset.nj.us/government/affiliated-agencies/election-board/drop-boxes
  • Voters can go to a polling location from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. There will be at least one polling location in every Somerset County town. Voters can bring their vote-by-mail ballot to a polling place, or if they do not have their vote-by-mail ballot they can cast a paper provisional ballot. Voters who are disabled and require an accommodation can vote on a special device to assist them.

Important Dates During the Election

  • Monday, October 5 – Ballots for active voters will be mailed out by this date. Ballots can be submitted as soon as they are received, which may happen before this date.
  • Tuesday, October 13 – This is the last day to register to vote and be able to cast a ballot in the 2020 General Election. 
  • Friday, October 23 – This is the last day to request a replacement ballot through the mail. Ballots can still be requested in person at the County Clerk’s office (location TBD due to COVID restrictions) through 8 p.m. on November 3, 2020.
  • Wednesday, October 28 – This is the last day Qualified Overseas and Military Voters can request electronic balloting.
  • Tuesday, November 3, 2020 - Election Day.
  • Friday, November 20 - Certification of election results.