Water - Sewer - Environment Committee Updates

Rocky Hill Water System Updates

The Borough is currently evaluating future needs of the Rocky Hill water system.  These needs include additional firm capacity requirements pursuant to NJDEP regulations, compliance with new NJDEP regulations for PFOS and PFAS contaminant levels, and other system-wide safety and conveyance upgrades.

The Mayor has appointed a Water System Subcommittee to evaluate the issues listed above.  Current Subcommittee members include:
  • Mayor Bob Uhrik, mayor@rockyhill-nj.gov
  • Councilwoman Jennifer Walsh, jwalsh@rockyhill-nj.gov; Water, Sewer & Environment Committee Chairperson
  • Councilwoman Susan Bristol, sbristol@rockyhill-nj.gov; Water, Sewer & Environment Committee Deputy
  • Tom Decker, Borough Engineer
  • Jolanta Maziarz, Borough Attorney
  • Matt Mulhall, Consultant Hydrogeologist
  • William Hallman, Resident Advisor 
Upcoming Public Meeting Dates
   There will be a Town Hall Meeting on Monday, January 25th at 7:00 p.m.
   The meeting will take place virtually.  Click here for remote meeting participation instructions.

E-mail updates
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Links to Helpful Information / FAQs
  • Click here to view a list of frequently asked questions regarding Rocky Hill water system issues
  • Click here for an additional list of frequently asked questions prepared for the January 25, 2021 meeting.
  • Click here for a PFOS/PFAS information sheet from the NJ Department of Health
  • Click here to view the Town Hall meeting presentation made by Gloria Post, Div. of Science and Research, NJDEP
  • Click here to view the Town Hall meeting presentation  made by Kristin Tedesco, Div. of Water Supply and Geoscience, NJDEP