Library Task Force

Mayors Rocky Hill Library Citizens Task Force

Robert Uhrik - Mayor 

Susan Bristol - Council Liaison

Trey Delaney - Councilman

Ramin Rezvani  - RH resident

Connie Hallman - Former Councilwoman, former Library Committee member

W.J. ‘Brad’ Bradhering - RH Community Group

Mei Mei Morris - former RH Librarian


The purpose of the Task Force is to seek & include public input from community leaders in the discussion of the future Mary Jacobs Library in Rocky Hill (after the temporary Phase II Library). In consideration of the various stakeholders and users of the library, members will be assisting the Borough Council in representing the needs & concerns of the residents of Rocky Hill. They will contribute their expertise, discuss and research ideas for the future library, and encourage input from the larger community. This is not only a future-thinking aspirational group, but a working group to make a positive contribution to the best possible Mary Jacobs Library in Rocky Hill, NJ