Reporting Infrastructure Problems

Streetlight Outage

Members of the public may report street light outages directly to PSE&G, either through a PSE&G web page form or by calling PSE&G at 800-436-PSEG (7734).

Important Note: The pole number (found on the metal tag on pole), street name, nearest cross street, and “in front of address” are needed to help us locate and complete the repair.

Pothole Repair

The Committee for Streets and Roads requests that Borough residents e-mail the Streets & Roads Committee representative, Councilwoman Connie Hallman,, or call Borough Hall at 609/924-7445 about pot holes on Borough roads.

The County does not charge us to fix potholes in County roads, but this isn't the case for Borough roads. Having the Borough schedule comprehensive, Borough-road pot hole repairs minimizes County repair crew trips and saves us all money.