Mayor's Corner

Greetings to Residents and Visitors!  I am very proud to serve as Mayor of this wonderful Borough.

Historic Rocky Hill is approximately 2/3 of a square mile with almost 1/3 of its land committed to open space.  Enjoy our wonderful 100+ acre Van Horne Park which provides walking paths, playground and sport recreation facilities. .  

Although one of the smallest towns in New Jersey, Rocky Hill Borough provides virtually the same services as any other town in the state and we have consistently kept property taxes low.  Most of our services are by way of shared and inter-local agreements and we believe we are a shining example of how well that works.  Along with our part time paid staff, we are afforded the dedication of many resident volunteers including our Fire Dept., Emergency Medical Services, and a Community Group that helps keep our borough and programs moving forward.

Nestled in rural New Jersey, the unique charm and character of Rocky Hill makes our cozy town a wonderful place to live, work, and enjoy life.  Rocky Hill’s village center is designated as an Historic District on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.  Residents can enjoy a small village lifestyle with many walkable amenities. We have trendy bars, parks, a library, a post office, and places of worship.  Our town borders the Delaware and Raritan Canal Park tow path for walking, biking and running.

Nearby Montgomery Township which borders Rocky Hill has shopping centers with restaurants, banks, a supermarket, a theater, and a small private airport with air taxi commercial service. Princeton is only a short drive away and is accessible by NJ Transit bus service.  New York City and Philadelphia are within commuting distance by mass transit rail out of nearby Princeton Junction.

Our website is a great place to find the information and resources that you need about Rocky Hill Borough.  Event updates and information of timely importance are updated on the website as well as broadcast through the "RAVE" telephone and texting service. 

To register for the Rave alert system:Rave Alert Registration
To login to the Rave alert system:Rave Alert Login

 Please feel free to contact the Borough Clerk or me if there is any additional information we can help you with.


Bob Uhrik, Mayor