Peddler, Solicitor, Canvasser Permit Application


Rocky Hill Ordinance 2018-12, created a new Chapter 135 in the Revised General Ordinances of the Borough of Rocky Hill, titled "Peddlers, Solicitors, and Canvassers."

The Ordinance can be viewed by clicking on this link.

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This is an application only. Applicants are not guaranteed issuance of a permit.

The Borough Clerk may deny any application for a commercial peddling, soliciting, and canvassing permit based on one (1) or more of the findings listed in Ordinance 2018-12, Chapter 135-2, Section C, 1-4

In order to complete this process ONLINE - applicants must have a Google/Gmail account.

If you don't have Gmail account, signing up for one is easy and can be done by clicking this link:

Click here to create a Gmail / Google Account

Without a Gmail/Google account, any necessary form needed to apply and/or register for a permit may be printed out from this site. Continue reading below to be sure you print the correct form.


$ 145.00

*This includes a $35 security deposit, that is refunded with return of permit*

For this permit, "Commercial" shall mean for the purpose of selling goods, services or wares, or advertising goods, services or wares, with an intent of profit-making. Once you have a Gmail/Google account (or if you already do) simply log into it in order to continue with the online application and/or registration process - you can access the online application here:

Commercial Peddler, Solicitor, and Canvasser Online Permit Application

Peddling, canvassing, or soliciting by non-profit or charitable organizations shall NOT be considered a “commercial purpose.” Non-Profit or Charitable organizations must instead complete the


Non-Commercial ONLINE Registration Form

Click this link to print the Non-Commercial Peddler, Solicitor, or Canvasser Registration form if you don't have a Gmail/Google account:

Non-Commercial Registration Form - PRINT

Click this link to print the Commercial Peddler Permit Application:

Commercial Peddler, Solicitor, and Canvasser Permit Application - PRINT

If you are printing and filling out the commercial application or non-commercial registration manually, please submit it in-person, with payment, to the Borough Clerk's office located at 15 Montgomery Avenue in Rocky Hill, during normal business hours Wednesdays between 3:30 and 6:00 p.m.

INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS: Proof of in-force comprehensive general liability insurance of $500,000 (combined single limit each occurrence) written by an insurance company licensed to do business in the State of New Jersey, covering applicant's operations.