Emergency Alerts - Rave

Dear Rocky Hill Residents:

In our efforts to provide more reliable emergency and advisory communications with you and our businesses in the Borough, we have enhanced, upgraded, and changed our Emergency Notification service provider to Rave.

Rave in its simplest form is a highly customizable system that sends a text message* or makes phone call to alert specific people or specific areas in the event of an emergency, or for sharing advisory information about important events or occurrences in Rocky Hill. 

How does this affect you?

If you are a subscriber to NIXLE alerts, the Borough has discontinuing that service. 

*** If you had an account for our previous Swift911 system then your credentials have been loaded into the new system.  You can login to the new system with your Swift911 credentials.

Alerts will be sent using the Rave service. You will need to complete a simple registration to begin receiving these alerts - you can complete that here on our website. 

To register for the Rave alert system:Rave Alert Registration
To login to the Rave alert system:Rave Alert Login

After you register, any calls you receive will have the Caller ID of "Public Service

-- The Borough of Rocky Hill

Public Safety / Emergency Services

*Individual carrier rates may apply; check with your cellular provider