Animal Control

Animal Control Services offered via contract with Montgomery Township Dept. of Animal Control.

Phone: 908-359-8211 ext. 2247 Rose Tropeano rtropeano@montgomerynj.govHours of OperationMonday - Friday - 9am - 3:30pmSaturday and Sunday - 9am - 2pm

Assistance with dead animals

  • Dead deer: Contact Animal control at above number or email address regardless of deer location (County road, Borough road or private property). Animal Control will arrange removal / contact appropriate removal agency.

  • Other dead animals on any road: Contact Animal control at above number or email address. Animal Control will arrange removal.

  • Other dead animals on private property: Removal is the responsibility of the property owner. Animal Control and their removal agencies do not have insurance coverage to remove other deceased animals from private property.

During the COVID 19 emergency

Animal Control Operations will be limited to Life Safety response, and to resident coaching on how to handle non-emergent issues.

An emergency consists of:

  • Any animal that is a threat to public safety (potentially rabid or aggressive)

  • Animal cruelty

  • Bats in house if there is possible exposure

  • Rabies vectors in the dwelling space of a house (e.g a raccoon in the kitchen but not if in attic)

  • Dogs at large that are being held by resident or police where the owner cannot be located within 6 hours

Responses to 1) Injured wildlife that are not a threat to public safety, 2) stray dogs that are not aggressive, and 3) outdoor cats not showing signs of rabies will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis as to whether the ACO can safely respond.

Non-Emergency Messages can be left at the number above and will be answered the next business day.

Animal Control Officer Services:

  • Investigates dog and cat bites

  • Picks up stray dogs or cats held by residents

  • Investigates dangerous and threatening dog incidents

  • Investigates allegations of animal neglect or cruelty

  • 24/7 Emergency response for sick, potentially rabid, or threatening animals

  • Investigates complaints of dogs at large

  • Removes bats in house if possible exposure to persons or pets

  • Investigates animal nuisance complaints

  • Marking and notification for dead deer removal


Montgomery Police: 908-359-3222