Borough Contacts

Borough of Rocky Hill

Phone: 609-924-7445

P.O. Box 188  

15 Montgomery Avenue  

Rocky Hill, NJ 08553

Normal Borough Hall Office Hours

3:30pm - 6:00pm Wednesday (General Administration)

5:30pm - 7:30pm Thursday (Tax Collector)

Borough Constables

Marianne Mencher - phone: 732-608-3131     

1 Open


Urgent Water Issues

If water is flowing up from the ground or street, or if you have experienced a sudden loss in water pressure, or if your water has stopped working, please call:

Rocky Hill Fire: 609-240-4182   or  email: 

Public Health Issues

Montgomery Township Health Department

8:00am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday

phone: 908-359-8211 extension 227

After-hours emergency:

phone: 908-359-3222   or  email: 

Smoke Detector Inspection

Frank Kunz

Tax Collector

Shari Phillips


Click here for property tax records


New Jersey Department of Community Affairs

1:00pm - 3:00pm, Tuesdays at Borough Hall

Construction Official phone: 609-567-3653

Zoning Officer

Mark Skerbetz


Main Borough office: 609-924-7445

Tax Assessor

George Sopko

phone: 908-612-1811

Borough Officials eMail Addresses

Mayor -

Borough Clerk -

Deputy Clerk -

Planning Board Secretary -

Zoning Officer -

Tax Collector -

Tax Assessor -

CFO/Treasurer -

Affordable Housing Administrator -

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